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General description :

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The simple type Thermocouple & Thermal Resistance as a sensor to measure the temperature, usually match with display instruments, recording instruments and electronic regulator. It can directly measure temperatures of the solid surface within 0 ~ 400 ° C, and -200-400 ° C in a production process. It is has the features of a small size, fast thermal response, simple structure, easy to use, and the long extension lead can be bent freely and so on, be suitable for plastic machinery, textile, food industry and so on.


Main technical parameters:

Name Imitation Probe Thermocouple
Model WRNT-13 WRET-13
Graduation Number K type E type
Temperature Range 0℃-600℃ 0℃-400℃
Connecting Mode Thread fixed
Measurement Error 0.5℃
Thermal Response Time TO.5S ≤5
Tube Dimensions Stainless steel tube Φ5*200mm  (Length is customizable)
Wire Length (m) 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m (Length is customizable)
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