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General description :

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The Solid State Relay (SSR) is usually used in Computer peripheral interface equipment, Electric furnace heating, Thermostat equipment, CNC machinery, Industrial automation equipment, Signal lights, Stage lighting control equipment instrumentation, Medical equipment, Photocopiers, Plastic machinery, Air conditioners, Washing machines, in addition to chemical, coal and other explosion-proof, moisture, anti-corrosion have a large number of use, as an ideal substitute  for electromagnetic relay, AC contactor.  It has following features: 

 • Small input current,

 • Instant reaction,

 • No noise,

 • Long life,

 • Compatible with MCU PLC interfaces, 


Main technical parameters:

Model: SSR-25DA (DC TO AC)
Load Current 25A
Load Voltage 24-380VAC
Control Voltage 3-32VDC
Control Current DC6-15mA
On Voltage ≤1.3VAC
Off Leakage Current ≤2mA
On-off Time ≤10mS
Dielectric Strength Input – output – floor ≥ 2500VAC
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ/500VDC
Ambient Temperature -30℃~+75℃
Mounting Methods Bolt fixed
The work instructions LED
Weight 90g


Dimension & Fixed hold:

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