Digital Programmable Time Switch KG316T-II

General description:


Digital Programmable Time Switch KG316T-II widely used in the production equipment, street lamp, light box, neon light, ware house ventilation, agriculture cultivation, automatic preheating, radio and television, etc., is the ideal control products.

This Digital Timer is accurate to the minute,designed with 15-combination of Daily-Programs which can lead great convenience to users upon choosing the required days in a week for operation the timer.


Panel mounted Advanced pre-setting one week before
Digital electronic timer switch with daily & weekly programs
Repeat programs with 18 on/off setting and manual override
Lithium battery power reserve when electric supply cut off

Technical Data:

Standard working power supply:     220VAC/50HZ
Voltage range:     176 ~ 250VAC
Switch resistance load capacity:     25A
Indinductive load:     20A
Consumption Power:     Timer Range: 1 mins – 168 hours
Regular Timer:     18 Times ON/OFF(day/weeks)
Time error:     <1S/day (25℃)
Relative humidity:     <95%
Dimension:     99*56*42mm
Weight:     130g
Have Hibernation feature
Battery life: 5 years(Lithium battery)


16年最新款KG316T-II 英文说明书12.0.cdr

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