Precautions for selection and installation of temperature controller

I. selection of temperature detector

At present, the industrial common temperature controller mainly bimetal thermometer, thermocouple, thermal resistance, and radiation thermometer.There are many kinds of temperature control instruments. When selecting temperature instruments for testing, we should pay attention to the characteristics and scope of application of each instrument, which is also the first key link to ensure the measurement accuracy of temperature control instrument.

In addition, in the selection of temperature controller, in addition to the comprehensive consideration of the measurement accuracy, signal system, stability and other technical requirements, but also pay attention to the impact of the working environment and other factors, such as environmental temperature, medium characteristics (oxidation, reduction, erosion), etc., choose the appropriate protective sleeve, connecting wire accessories. Thermocouple, thermal resistance and radiant thermometer can be used for online measurement of temperature signal. Among them, thermal resistance and thermocouple are the most commonly used type c thermometer in the industry. The former is used for measuring medium and low temperature under 500, while the latter is more suitable for measuring medium and high temperature in the range of 500~1800. Bimetal thermometers are generally used for in situ detection and indication of temperature signals.

Ii. Installation of temperature controller

The correct installation of temperature controller is another key link to ensure the normal use of the instrument. Generally speaking, the installation of temperature controller shall follow the following principles:

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