TEL72001 Pointer Display Baking Oven Temperature Ragulator

General description :

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TEL96, 72 series temperature indication regulator is new product of measuring and automatically adjusting the temperature parameters in the process of working.  It has following features:

 • Small volume,

 • Nice appearance, 

 • Light weight,

 • Good reliability,

 • Convenient installation, 

 • Strong anti-interference,

 • Appropriate price

 • And so on. 


It is widely used in all kinds of baking machinery.


Main technical parameters:

✔   Model: TEL72001

✔   External size: 72 x 72 x 110mm

✔   Hole size: 68 x 68mm

✔   Working power supply: 220VAC, 50/60Hz

✔   Temperature range: 0-300℃

✔   Accuracy: ≤±(1.0%F.S+1 digit)

✔   Mounting type: embedded installation

✔   Input way: K type

✔  Output way: relay contact



Wiring diagram:

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