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General description :

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Applicable to the outdoor terminal junction, the automatic reheating dehumidification of the distribution box, to prevent the creepage between the terminals caused by a variety of malfunctions, such as: relay protection terminal box and so on.

Suitable for indoor high-voltage power distribution devices and high-voltage switch operating mechanism within the box of automatic heating dehumidification, low temperature environment, automatic regeneration, to prevent the switch malfunction caused by insulation creepage and the organization failed caused by low temperature environment.

Apply to switch bodies within the knot, in handcart switch cabinet, placed in cabinets, device such as a knot knot there are multiple parts to carry out damp – proof, low temperature online monitoring.

Can also be used for barn, grain depots, warehouses, room, farming, textile and other occasions that require automatic dehumidification or humidification and automatic chilling or Characteristics warming.



• Real time digital display the temperature and humidity, integrates various functions, convenient for users to use in different occasions;

• Adopt imported high performance, high accuracy, corrosion resistance, long life, high reliability of the digital temperature and humidity sensor, with wide range, good linearity, can work steadily and reliably in various environments for a long time;

• The sensor transmits the temperature and humidity signal with 4 wires, and does not make any request to the length between the sensor and the instrument.


Main technical parameters:

Model TDK0308
Working Voltage 85-260VAC/DC
Power Dissipation ≤2W
Control Output 5A/250VAC (resistance)
Display Mode LED
Setting Temperature -30℃-120℃
Setting Humidity 11-99%RH
Ambient Temperature & Humidity -20℃~70℃, 45~85%RH
Resolving Power (R.P.) 0.1
Accuracy ±0.5℃, ±4.5%RH
Error Correction Temperature ±0.1℃-2℃, Humidity ±RH-20RH
Mechanical Life 3000,000 times
Overall Dimensions 160 x 80 x 95 (mm)
Installation Dimensions 152 x 76 (mm)
Mounting Methods Panel





Wiring diagram:

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